Knit Along 2022

It is that time of year, we are ready for sign ups for our KNIT ALONG 2022!!
The KAL is $170.00 to participate. This includes a knitting bag, pin and 4 classes. If you sign up for the KAL you get a percentage off your yarn for each project.
1st Project: 10% off your yarn, 2nd Project 15% off your yarn, 3rd 20% off your yarn and the 4th Project you get 25% off your yarn.
Your patterns for each project are included in your KAL fee and a fun prize every time. Your knitting skills for the KAL need to be intermediate to advance. There will be the four projects, so a project a quarter and we will have a class each quarter. You can come to one or both of the class times.
The Classes will be the following dates and times.
1st Project Class: Wed. January 12th 5pm to 9pm and Saturday January 15th 11am to 4pm
2nd Project Class: Wed. April 13th 5pm to 9pm and Saturday April 16th 11am to 4pm
3rd Project Class: Wed. July 13th 5pm to 9pm and Saturday July 16th 11am to 4pm
4th Project Class. Saturday Oct. 1st 11am to 4pm and Wed. Oct 12th 5pm to 9pm.
1st Project: "Gartrell Crew" by Tanis Lavallee
2nd Project: "Fonda" Sweater by Caitlin Hunter
3rd Project: "Autumn Doodle Cowl" by Jamie Lomax
4h Project: "Veris II" Mitts by Natasja Hornby
There are only 12 spots avaible and you need to be sign up by Nov. 30th, 2021. Click HERE to pay and sign up!
We will have meet up times between classes, decided at a later date.