Yarn Crawl


Yarn Crawl will be July 9th to 16th.
Participating shops this year are; Willow Hill Yarn Company, Petit Fours and Purls, Yarn on the Corner, Needlepoint Joint, Seed Stitch, Harmony, Heindselman's and Bonus Shop, The Knitting Post
Starting July 9th you can stop at any other participating shop pick up your punch card, tote bag, pin and start on your way. When you go to each shop you will get your card punched, and at the end of Yarn Crawl drop it off at any participating shop to be entered for prizes! (must have your card turned in by July 16th)
If you make it to the all the shops including the bonus shop, The Knitting Post you will get some fun gifts from them and you will be entered to win a $200 prize from the shop you leave your punch card at. 
If you can't make it to The Knitting Post but make it to the rest, you will be entered to win a prize of $100 value from the participating shop you leave your card at. 
Each shop is planning on having fun new yarns, projects, patterns and notions for you all to see. 
If you would like to keep up to date on Yarn Crawl please follow our Instagram
If you have any further questions please contact Emily at Willow Hill Yarn Company.